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Ez4file (Standard Edition) The Ez4file allows you to access and manage files woldwide using a Web broswer. It features with Virtual Directory, password encryption, 100+ MB file upload, bulk file/folder copy/paste/delete, clipboard view/clear. It is an alternative to FTP.
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FTPSuite Access your harddrive from everywhere (password-protected and not) with the FTPServer, view special XML-files like FTP-Server directories.
2014-07-20 17:28:46 Freeware 34 downloads
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WinGate WinGate Proxy Server is a highly capable integrated Proxy server, firewall and email server designed for access control, security and communications needs.
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AXIGEN Gateway Mail Server AXIGEN Gateway is a secure mail relay server, available for many Linux distributions, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD and Solaris. AXIGEN uses firewall-like connection rules and is capable of integrating with most anti-virus / anti-spam applications.
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Gate-and-Way Mail An internal mail server to store all your company's messages, with Shared Folders, Personal Folders and automatic retrieving of internet's e-mail. Other Gate-and-Way's modules: Backup, Fax, Internet, Voice, RAS. All them centrally managed.
2014-07-20 17:29:08 Shareware 39 downloads
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Gate-and-Way Internet Quiet navigation, with the safety of a powerful firewall, using only one account with your ISP for all the users on the LAN. Redundant connections. Other Gate-and-Way's modules: Mail, Fax, Internet, Voice, RAS. All them centrally managed.
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Active Directory Manager Today, managing active directory is a challenging task for the system administrators as well as the help desk personnel. With this AD management tool, the details of already added users can be easily edited and rights for new users can be added.
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Selenium Server Selenium Server lets you easily create a FTP or a WEB server. Server features include multiple files or folders with specific read/write permissions, login or annonymous access, multiple connections, tray icons to easily monitor activity and more.
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Proxy Quick Switch Proxy Quick Switch - Quickly Activate/De-Activate IE proxy server settings from the system tray.
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Narawen Inox POP3 Connector Narawen Inox POP3 Connector is mail gateway software downloading messages from POP3 mailboxes to any SMTP server such as Microsoft Exchange or IBM Lotus Domino.
2014-07-22 19:28:53 Shareware 26 downloads
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