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Samsung Log Converter 4.0+ 1.1 for Android
Why is there an sms in my call log? My call log is cluttered!!

With the new 2.2+ operating systems deployed on Samsung phones, the call log has been replaced with a special super log. The super log contains information about transmitted and received sms, mms, sns, im, and email messages.

Who misses the good old days when it was simply a call log?

For as long as you can remember you open the telephone and you would be able to dial a number or see your call history. Now Samsung wants you to see your "all" history, and many of us are extremely frustrated by this.

I'm not going to switch my telephone to another manufacturer simply because of this extreme annoyance. Samsung does indeed make an awesome product, but holy lord I hate all the clutter in the log. All I wanted was the log to go back to the good old call log that it once was pre Android 2.2.

Well now you have it! Samsung Log Converter automatically removes all entries from the log other than calls. This application is built in an install and forget style! This app could be called the Log Reverter, because you will have your old call log back free of all the clutter now plaguing Samsung devices around the world.

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