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TCM - Turner Classic Movies for Android
Enjoy hundreds of TCM's Videos, Photos, Widescreen Movie Clips, Trailers & Promos!

Turner Classic Movies presents their official Android app with rich features and content to keep you connected to the exciting world of classic movies and the great films playing on TCM!

With over 300 movies playing on TCM every month, you simply won’t find a better guide and greater app keeping you engrossed in the world of classic film. We’ve packed this application full of information and incredible experiences!

Explore TCM Movies – Stay Connected. We’ll keep you up-to-date with the movies playing on TCM and allow you to deep-dive into any film with tons of historical information, commentary, and media from our TCM Movie Database. Stumped by a movie playing on TCM? You won’t find this level of in-depth information and context anywhere else, and we bet you’ll discover new gems playing on TCM daily.

Explore Vast TCM Media – Enjoy hundreds of videos and photos. Widescreen trailers and clips, amazing behind-the-scenes photo galleries, original posters and artwork, publicity stills and more, delivered daily. You’re linked to the amazing and vast media content around the films playing on TCM. You’ll find exciting new content every day.

Here’s what you get:

>Widescreen Video: We have hundreds of original widescreen and original “scope” trailers and clips that utilize the beauty of landscape mode.

>Movie Clips, Trailers, TCM Promos: Get access to hundreds of great short-form video elements playing on TCM, including rare clips and trailers every week

>Photo Galleries: Take a step into the past with the TCM Photo Archives - it’s your passport into the world of TCM’s classic movie image vaults. These unique galleries offer amazing views into films playing on TCM in categories such as original lobby cards, posters, press books, production photos, publicity stills and much more. It’s your DVD Bonus Material view into every title playing on Turner Classic Movies which is updated weekly.

>A complete schedule of movies playing on TCM, including full month views up to two months in advance and personalized time zones. It’s the perfect companion to complement your viewing of TCM

>Extensive background and detailed information on the history and release of every film

>In-depth expert articles on the history and making of films

>Great video content for the majority of titles including original trailers, movie clips, and promos

>Fascinating industry and production notes on the making of the film from the AFI catalog of films

>Complete, detailed synopsis, cast and crew information, fan comments and reviews

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