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MyChineseLearning 1.3.0 for Android
Most Apps or classes try to teach you as many words you will never need. This App save time and money and just learn what you'll actually need while in China or have a conversation with native Mandarin Chinese.

Here in this new edition, for your more convenient learning, an auto pronunciating function has been created so that your speaking practising comes true. This new function could be found in the “Courseware” channel, including “Course”, “Video” and newly created daily updated “Word”. We strongly recommend this newly created “Word” to you. You will find populized Chinese buzzwords and useful words updated everyday. What’s more, we design it as a daily updated webget in case you download this on your phone.

Besides these new created functions and channels, the previous channels are remained as before. In this software, our MyChineseLearning website’s visiting and FREE Trial class scheduling are active as it used to be. On our web, once you schedule a FREE Trial class with MyChineseLearning, we will call you at your convenience and arrange a native Chinese speaking teacher 1-on-1 Live anytime you wish.

The “Flexibility Factor" offer by MyChineselearning is particularly important to those people who have busy work and/or life schedules. Instead of structuring daily and weekly commitments based on class times set by in-person schools, distance learning campuses are open 24/7. Without breaking up a workday or interrupting family requirements,

+ Very easy to use
+ Regular updates for the course wares
+ Auto pronunciating function
+ Daily updated webget of Chinese buzzword and useful word
+ Clear video recording of native Chinese teacher
+ Schedule your FREE Trial class

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